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DPS Group Service Plan

When there is damage or equipment failures, most facilities tend to operate in a reactive mode either with in-house maintenance staff or an outside contractor.  The DPS Group Plan is proactive which provides benefits in terms of operating costs, security of the facility, and minimizing liability/litigation costs.  We accomplish this with:


  1. Preventative Maintenance - Our preventative maintenance plan is in-depth and based on years of experience which results in minimizing the chance of failure and extends the life of your security electronics, electrical systems, and security hardware.

  2. Implementing an Emergency Service Plan - We take the steps to insure that when something goes wrong your facility is back in smooth operation in record time.  We do the research and planning to create an effective plan of action that works and can be implemented quickly in case of failures.


DPS Group Plan Advantages

  • Reduces Maintenance Cost

  • Improves Safety and Security

  • Limits potential liability/litigation

  • Improves Fiscal Budget planning

  • Creates financing options for improvements


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