Our list of satisfied clients is very extensive.  Our customers come first and are treated as we would like to be treated; with honesty and integrity.  Listed below is our client list from just the last five years:

Client List

Franklin County, Louisburg, NC
Montgomery County Youth Detention Center, Montgomery,  AL
Bill Ireland RYDC, GA
Lee County Card Access System, AL
Grace Hospital, GA
Eastpoint, MS
TK Davis Detention Facility, AL
Mount Olive Correctional Facility, WV
Oakley CCTV, MS
Fountain Correctional Facility, AL
GA Diagnostic Center, GA
Georgia Regional Youth Detention Centers Control Room Renovations, GA
Montgomery City Hall Renovation, AL
ADYS Mt. Meigs, AL
TK Davis Justice Center Intercom System, AL
Richmond ICE, VA
TK Davis Justice Center Control System, AL
Martha Glaze, GA
Mt. Brook Municipal Police Department, AL
HVAC Controls at Draper Facility, AL
HVAC Controls at Staton Facility, AL
Creek Casino, AL
North Carolina Central Prison Kitchen Addition, NC
Wetumpka Women's Facility, AL
FCI Hazelton, WV
Central State Prison, NC
San Bernardino Police, CA
FCI Mendota, CA
Evins Juvenile Detention Center, TX
Riley County Law Enforcement Center, KS
Girls Treatment Center, AL
Maxwell AFB Access Control Points, AL
Bertie Correctional, NC