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DETENTION CONTROL SYSTEMS  Institutional facilities across the country are making the change to Touch Screen control and monitoring systems with integrated video and audio designed specifically for their unique needs.  DPS Group has over 100 years of combined experience in the development, programming and implementation of detention controls systems.  Let us help you make the change to a fully integrated, PLC driven, touch screen controls system for your facility.



CAMERA SYSTEMS DPS Group specializes in the design, installation and servicing of video camera systems from simple to complex.  Whether you need an entire camera system for your facility or just need the cameras you have serviced so that you can see once again, we can help you.  Are your DVRs not working properly?  Are you unable to retrieve the video you've recorded?  Do you have cameras that are fogged over with condensation, are looking up at the sky, or just showing you electronic snow?  We can help.  We can do a complete evaluation of your existing system, give you a detailed analysis of what needs to be corrected and how we plan to do it in the most efficient way and stay within your budget.



CARD ACCESS  Enhance security by controlling access to your facility.  Keep track of who goes where in your facility and when.  Your Card Access System allows you to control the flow of staff and visitors through your facility.  DPS Group can provide, and install, a robust card access system, as well as the electric locks to implement a seamless, low cost system, that gives you the control that you need.



AUTOMATION CONTROLS- STRUCTURED CABLING AND FIBER OPTICS  Automation controls, security, and surveillance are converging into one IT structured cabling system.  We have the expertise to provide the correct cabling installation to meet high band width requirements of today and well into the future.  Whether you need a fiber optic backbone or new Cat6e cabling within your facility, we have the certified expertise to assist you.



INTERCOM SYSTEMS  DPS Group can assist you with the audio needs of your facility.   Do you have speakers that no longer work?  Does your main intercom board look like something out of a 1930s movie?  Do you have so much cross talk and static on your intercom system that your staff has a hard time communicating effectively?  Whether you need improved audio distribution, new paging intercom stations or an entirely new intercom system that is integrated into your touch screen we can help.




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